Background of Product Invention

Electricity is one of the main power for the development of human civilization, It bring many benefits to us but meanwhile it also bring big harm and lose in human life and property for example death of electric shock, fire accident and explosion disaster of switch failure and grid ageing, equipment damages of electric surge etc. The chart in below shows the positive and negative features of electricity.

It is reported that 70% of fire accidents and explosion were caused by electric。
issue like electricity leakage, electric spark, overload, power grid ageing,
bad wire jointer etc. It is difficult to prevent accident from it due to those kind of risk is invisible. The death rate caused by electric shock is 90%. the injury degree is always serious and difficult to recover. Those kinds of accident and disaster can not be burdened by most of us.

Safety protection on market now?

Even the safety protection of electricity is improving every day but it is still not intelligent and reliable enough. Its function is single and not preventable, Many electric risk can not be discovered and repaired. The frequent electric accident is the best proof for it.

The operation principle is still based on mechanics or magnetic and you will ever never know when it is out of function.
The protection will be active only some injury or damages occurs in deed because  it  need  reaction  time. 3)The safe protection is too simple to cut off the power rudely, it seriously influence the life, work and production.
4) We are in digital intelligence and information age. The safety protection of is too behind to our demand. We need new safety protection to equal with our demand.

It is the most popular protector on the market. So far only few people test this protector according to the instruction. Most of people don't know what it is for?

What do we want ?

We want to keep the positive feature but remove the negative feature of electricity. After investigation on the safety protection of electricity, We finally find out what type of safety protection we want:

1) Not to get an electric shock even we carelessly touch electricity grid
2) No electric spark caused from electricity to avoid fire and explosion 
3) No electricity wasted to save our bill 
4) Surge protection to prevent our electrical equipment from damage.
5) Overload protection to avoid over-heating and damages on power grid
6) Better sensitivity and reliability and prevention
7) Tell the failure/errors in advance so I can fix it before accident happens
8) Keep me informed about power status at any time even I am not on site

Function Introduction of Intelligent Power Machine (IPM) 

1). Electric contact doesn’t hurt life
After passing through the intelligent power machine, even if it forms return circuit instantly with the surrounding environment once the live wire or neutral wire is touched/connected by human body or other lives, the built-in protection module will instantly respond ( without any interval time difference, we call it zero time response ), not only protect the contact body, have no feeling of electric shock, but also does not transmit the injury to others.Meanwhile, it doesn’t influence the connected electrical appliance (all connected electrical appliances still normally work).

2). Electric contact doesn’t cause spark
After passing through the intelligent power machine, no electric spark will be generated when the live wire contacts the metal directly. Even if there are flammable explosive objects around, it will not cause fire and explosion accidents. This charged body will not be heated or even melted. It also doesn’t influence the connected electrical appliance (all connected electrical appliances still normally work.).

3). No current leakage, No power wasted (save electricity, save bill)
After passing through the intelligent power machine, it will not consume any electric power even if it forms return circuit if the live wire or neutral wire contacts with the earth.

4). Surge protection from thunder strike
Under the same circumstances, the intelligent power machine can effectively absorb the impact of ultra-high voltage or ultra-high current caused by thunder strike, and directly lead it into the earth to avoid damages on the connected electric equipment.

5). Hi & Low voltage protection, Overload protection
The intelligent power machine will alarm at first if the voltage of electricity is close to 20% differential of rated voltage. If it continues over 20%, the machine will cut off the power.
The intelligent power machine will alarm at first if the running power is close to rated power of the machine. If it continues over 5%, the machine will cut off the power.

6). Super sensitivity and reliability
The built-in protection program of the intelligent power machine will monitor the power consumption environment in real time. If electric contact or leakage occurs in the power grid and electrical equipment, it will instantly protect external contact objects from injury, At the same time it will automatically alarm and prompt that there is electric leakage in the live wire or neutral wire. In case of short circuit, the electricity can be cut off within 0.5 seconds to avoid injury or accident. Let your life and electrical equipment be protected in real time and never worry about the danger of failure.

7). LCD display window tells work status
The LCD display window tells all running parameters of the electricity such as input voltage, running current, total power and failure type if it has.

8). Remote control on mobile App
Download and install APP on your smart phone, you can control the intelligent power machine after registration through your smart phone. (developing this function)

Available products now

Single Phase 220~240VAC, IP21,             Household Rated power: 6KW,8KW, 10KW


Three        Phase        380~415VAC, IP34,                                    Outdoor Rated power: 8KW,10KW,20KW and 30KW

Where do the places need IPM?

House, office, warehouse, apartment, school, kindergarten, hospital, museum, swimming pool, children playing area, testing lab, shopping mall, supermarket, shop, restaurant, hotel, tourist center, Night bar, dangerous industry (dusty, chemical, plastics etc), Any places which you want electric facility more safer.

How to install IPM?
It is recommended to install the IPM after leakage breaker, the installation does not change the existed electricity grid net.