Q  Where is SHENZHEN ACTION WELDING TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED(FORTON brand) China Headquarters located? 



A  Fl.3,Complex Building No.2nd, Shayi Western Industry Zone, Shajing, Bao'an, Shenzhen Tel/Fax: 0086-755-27595721 Mob: +86-13691671070  Or send Email to :sales@fortonweld.com Add Wechat/whatsapp: +8613691671070



Q  How do I buy Lincoln Electric merchandise? 




A  If buying a container , it is better buy from our factory directly . If retail or small wholesale , please contact our branch office or distributors in different countries.




Q  How do I learn more about weld fume control? 





A  Please visit our website : www.fortonweld.com to learn more welding knowledge.





Q  What is the General safety rules?







A  The following rules must be followed or accidents may happen;

The design & construction of power supplies, the selection of installation site, and the use of high pressure air, etc., must abide by the relevant criteria and regulations;

Non-welding personnel should not enter the workplaces;

Installation, overhaul, maintenance, and operation must be carried out by professionals;

Other than welding, the welder should not be used for such purposes as charge, heating, etc.;

On uneven ground, make sure to keep the welder from tipping over.





Q  How to  Avoid electric shock or burn?








A  Keep the earth ground clamp connected to your work piece all the time. Never contact live components of the welding circuit, electrodes/torches or wires with bare hands or skin;

Connect the welder to the ground with copper wire specified section by a professional electrician.

Connect the welder to power supply by copper wire specified by a professional electrician, and make sure the insulation sheathing is intact;

The operator should wear dry welding gloves at work, and always keep the working piece insulated from him, especially at damp or small places;

Shut off the input power supply when the machine is not in use.


Q  How to Avoid breathing welding smog ?





A  Smog generated at welding and cutting is harmful to health. To avoid gas poisoning and suffocation, keep the working area well ventilated.




Q  How to Avoid hazards to eyes and skin by welding arc, spatter and slag?





A  Wear approved anti-radiation glasses at work as welding arc may cause eye inflammation, and splash and sparks ma y harm eyes;

Wear welding gloves, helmet, working clothes, foot protection cover, etc. to protect the skin from such hazards as arc light, splash and sparks.



Q  How to Prevent accidents, such as fire, explosion, outburst, etc.?








A  Remove any flammable materials from the work area as welding splash and sparks may cause a fire;

Welding cable and working pieces must be connected tightly to avoid fire caused by high heat;

Do not operate when flammable gases are present. Do not weld on items containing flammable materials to avoid explorations;

Do not weld within closed container;

Always have a fire extinguisher ready nearby and a trained personal ready to use it.

Q  How to Avoid injuries by the moving parts?






A  Keep fingers, hair, and clothes, etc. away from the moving parts, such as cooling fans;

Do not hold the welding torch too close to eyes, face or body in operation.



Q  How to Safe use of gas bottle and gas regulator?








A  Gas bottle should be secured in place;

Do not expose gas bottle to high temperature or direct sunlight;

Only use gas regulator supplied or recommended by manufacturer and follow instructions.